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I'm not the man they think I am at home

On my way from misery to happiness today
You have been warned. Things go on inside my head, sometimes I let them out. Mild-mannered introverted queer nerd by day, at night I turn into my secret identity as a mild-mannered introverted queer nerd. (Some also claim I'm "one sick puppy".) I am occasionally blessed with the engineer's trinity: eyes to see a problem, a mind to understand it, and hands to fix it. Sometimes even at the same time.

Amateur jogger, though I came to sports late in life. Ran my first half-marathon on April 29th 2010; 2h05. Beat the 2h on June 1st 2010: 1h50. Did an officially timed event in 1h47m30 (see userpic). Yes, I'm proud of that.

Somehow picked up a Ph.D. in computer science, I still feel that changes my view of Ph.D.s more than the view I have of myself. I'm currently wearing a webmaster hat and a security hat, with a PDF tassel.
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