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Games night, and stuff.

Games night (the other one). Nobody told me there'd be a Secret Santa. Awkward. Even more awkward: one of the others had more games they wanted to get rid of. This may be one of those things where being aspie makes me react completely opposite to what people expect (and, looking at it that way, I get a suspicion that my dad may be a bit aspie): it's totally reasonable to me to insist that since I didn't bring, I won't take, and I'm not just fishing for a "oh, g'wan".
(Also, there was a danger, though I didn't know, of getting a probably-horrible "Men are like X, women are like Y"-style game by Rainer Knizia. Maybe he was young and needed the money.

Anyway, when we settled down to play: Alhambra didn't happen due to lack of interest, nor did Manhattan Project (I mention these since I brought the former and would have been interested in the latter), so I joined a game of Rockwell with two others and a late-coming fourth player, which was an OK worker placement game. Another table played Cosmic Encounter (which seems to happen a lot, otoh it's one of few games that scaled to seven or so players), and the third table, I don't quite remember -- Mombasa, possibly.

We finished our game around quarter past 11 or so (bit of analysis paralysis in the final turn there), and the others joined a game of Secret Hitler. (I still don't like hidden role party games.)

I come home to find that somebody drove a lorry into a christmas market in Berlin, several dead, about a hundred injured. I'm so glad I'm not in Berlin to, say, pick somebody up from the airport because they insisted they should spend the holidays with my family.

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