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For general amusement,

but in particular d_floorlandmine's: you may or may not like Arthur Smith, and may or may not like Leonhard Cohen, but http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00763r8 has, starting at minute 37:15, an impressive, ah, variation over "Bird on a wire".

Spoilers beneath the cut
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Shouldn't it be called "Newsjackie" now?

Also, I have a "Worst pies in London" earworm now. lcohen would be so proud.

Also, wow, that was quick over there in the United Reich of America.

What I did on the weekend.

Turns out that Seaside 61 has closed. This does at this point not matter to anyone who is reading this (but you may have heard this restaurant referred to as the one where I started translating German into German, much to the amusement and puzzlement of lcohen and the waitress). No idea how a restaurant right on the seaside, not a hundred yards from a bus station and not a hundred yards from the ferry, can go bust, even if it's right next to a (slightly higher-classed) restaurant.

Due to the imminent death of livejournal that has variously been predicted, I've poked at my blog and given it commenting, provided by Disqus. (Yes, they require signup and will sell your data to advertisers, just like any other free service does.) So if this here goes titsup¹, y'all know where to find me. (It doesn't have an RSS feed at this point, though, so you can't get a handy notification whenever I dump something exciting on there. Maybe I'll have the brainspoons sometime.)

Otherwise, yay, my copy of Innovation arrived. Miniature Market did a brilliant job of FedExing it across the pond. I ordered on Jan 1st, they sent me shipping info on the 11th (everybody deserves a holiday break), and it was bounced from delivery to pickup on the 13th, as registered mail. Also, they didn't charge me the usual arm and leg for intercontinental shipping. I highly recommend this store!

So what have y'all been up to?

¹ "total inability to sustain usual performance", as readers of The Register will know.


In the various bits and bobs section: Lidl in the Czech Republic under fire for the male fashion ad halfway down this page. No, it's possibly not what you're thinking. It wasn't what I was thinking. (My guess about the complaint was that a black fasion model for "urban style" clothing perpetuates a stereotype of gangland neighbourhoods.) No, it was plain old "we have no black people here" racism. Phew?

In other news, Life imitates Boston Legal? (Disclaimer: I am 100% unfamiliar with Annie, the musical, the movie, the whatever.)
Well, that was unexpected – a new year sneaking up on us!

My resolution for the new year: to tang the intangible!

That explains a lot…

If you ever wondered why all the Bond girls have innuendous names, one of his early literary influences was Phyllis Bottome which really sounds like somebody from a Lucifer Box novel.
Hooray, we had christmas pudding and aren't dead yet.

Games night, and stuff.

Games night (the other one). Nobody told me there'd be a Secret Santa. Awkward. Even more awkward: one of the others had more games they wanted to get rid of. This may be one of those things where being aspie makes me react completely opposite to what people expect (and, looking at it that way, I get a suspicion that my dad may be a bit aspie): it's totally reasonable to me to insist that since I didn't bring, I won't take, and I'm not just fishing for a "oh, g'wan".
(Also, there was a danger, though I didn't know, of getting a probably-horrible "Men are like X, women are like Y"-style game by Rainer Knizia. Maybe he was young and needed the money.

Anyway, when we settled down to play: Alhambra didn't happen due to lack of interest, nor did Manhattan Project (I mention these since I brought the former and would have been interested in the latter), so I joined a game of Rockwell with two others and a late-coming fourth player, which was an OK worker placement game. Another table played Cosmic Encounter (which seems to happen a lot, otoh it's one of few games that scaled to seven or so players), and the third table, I don't quite remember -- Mombasa, possibly.

We finished our game around quarter past 11 or so (bit of analysis paralysis in the final turn there), and the others joined a game of Secret Hitler. (I still don't like hidden role party games.)

I come home to find that somebody drove a lorry into a christmas market in Berlin, several dead, about a hundred injured. I'm so glad I'm not in Berlin to, say, pick somebody up from the airport because they insisted they should spend the holidays with my family.
So when's the next Bond movie coming out? Cause it needs the title song performed by Beth Hart, totally.



ETA: No wait, no wait, that's actually ok, sort of.

ETA: -ish. Or is it.

At least something…

Austria's right-wing candidate for presidency has conceded defeat after first figures show him at 46.4%, down seven percent against the Green party candidate and presumably future president Van der Bellen.

Polls in Italy are still open, I believe.

Wow, mid-week already?

And I've not posted music in ages. Was it last year I did that for a while, or the year before that? Time disappears when you're being milled into a dehumanized cogwheel.

Oh, and in a combination of "let's do the warp again" and 20/20 hindsight, my wooden plate rack decided it's had enough of supporting dripping plates and twisted into a shape of non-support. All the plates made it out unharmed, but two cereal bowls, a glass and, most importantly, a blue extra-large mug I've had for easily fifteen years fell victim to gravity. It appears a visit to Ikea is in order. And, since every cloud has a silver lining, Ikea now apparently does their non-alc cider, both apple and pear, in Germany as well.

Games night (the other one)

I had been looking forward to this one with some trepidation: last time I went, I left for lack of games that interested me in the slightest, after that, I missed one for visiting my parents and one due to bad weather.

But I made it this time, and I'm glad I did. I brought Trains and Stations (which I picked up at some point in a sale) because i wanted to try it, and Food Chain Magnate because I always bring Food Chain Magnate (and usually, nobody wants to play it). However, tonight, we had a nice game of three where I got a respectable second place, with the usual runaway winner who had sat in another corner of the board just selling pizza and burgers to this one house, but it adds up. So yeah, that was enjoyable, and several other people made noises along the lines of they like the game a lot (but had planned for different games).

Other games that were played include Cosmic Encounter, and Nina and Pinta, if I remember that right. I think somebody played Mafia de Cuba, too, or at least they were discussing the game.

So yeah, this was fun. Now getting a bit to eat before I collapse into bed and hopefully into sleep, because tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Oh, I missed my fitbit threshold today, but there's nothing I can do about that, I'm not going for another walk in the freezing cold in this weather for half an hour. I got plenty of air and distance yesterday, so there, and tomorrow will be a visit to the pool, if nothing unforeseen happens.

ETA: ooooh, they're going weekly on a trial basis over the winter months!
Almond nutella. #JustThatBi
"Bonnie & Glide" lube? Srsly?

Help me, wisdom of the internets!

MY google-fu is weak today. I vaguely recall that there is a (ceremonial?) position in the UK that is supposed to be life-long, but is incompatible with something else (I vaguely think being a noble? Or a military position?), so that the traditional way to be released from that position is to be made Royal High Groundskeeper Of That Bit Of Ground Near The Duckpond or something like that.

I can't for the life of me remember what it was exactly, though, and inquiring nerds need to know! Does this ring a bell for anybody?

Some days, I love myself.

I just found this left to me by myself in an internal workflow:

Mass update steps
Updating now, cross your fingers and hold on to your hats

    cau201y.editors:default ... done
    cau201y.theme:default ... done 

Unfortunately, I didn't tell myself how to hold the hat with crossed fingers.